Connectivity What we do


Optimum understand the importance of resilient data connectivity. The site was chosen by a major bank because of it’s proximity to major telecommunication and data networks. We operate a carrier-neutral policy to give clients the freedom to choose their preferred provider.

Fast, reliable and resilient connectivity
With easy access to major telecommunication and data networks, we guarantee you fast and reliable connectivity that is monitored 24x7.

Blistering speeds
We deliver premium bandwidth speeds to maximise your potential.

Exceptional reliability
Designed to provide optimum connectivity through diverse duct routes and roof top satellite and antennae, we offer maximum redundancy and failover capability – all underpinned by the 99.99% uptime our Tier III standard infrastructure guarantees.

Pick your network
Optimum at Hayes is ideally situated to offer you the best access to major telecommunication and data networks. Our carrier-neutral policy means you have the freedom to choose the provider who best meets your business needs.

We understand the importance of resilient voice and data connectivity.
The Optimum approach is all about meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations. So, whilst we are carrier neutral, you can still expect premium broadband speeds of up to 1,000Mbps when needed – but without the premium price.

With extensive monitoring systems in place, we are alerted to issues as soon as they arise, this helps minimise potential downtime for you and your customers.

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