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Optimum Data Centre Solutions

At Optimum, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we will pro-actively work with you to explore all the options available when it comes to the specifics of getting your data centre solution absolutely right. We believe that it’s not just about finding a solution that fits the business today, but that it’s also about ensuring it can be efficiently scaled up or down as your requirements change. The business environment in which we all operate remains difficult to predict, so flexibility has never been so important.

Whatever your business requirements, Optimum has the ideal Data Centre solution for you, whether you want a single rack tailored to your specification; a scalable data suite designed to dynamically adapt to your business needs; a caged data suite or even a standalone data centre. Optimum can work with you to develop a solution that is right for you and your business.

Within our data centre, we are also able to offer space to support a range of ancillary business requirements including offices, debox / test rooms and storage facilities.

We do not just offer flexibility in our data centre solutions either, at Optimum we also guarantee that our consultancy services are second to none and boast having some of the industry’s brightest talent in the organisation. Whilst our knowledge is extensive we’re always open to investigating new ways of working, so feel free to challenge our thinking!

Optimum Hayes provides a home for your most prized hardware by combining passionate people and cutting edge colocation facilities.

 Managing Cost
                     We will keep your costs down without compromising the quality of our service delivery.
                     Improve Performance
                     We will give you peace of mind that your key infrastructure will run uninterrupted in our care.
                     Flexible Strategy
                     We pride ourselves on being an open-minded colocation specialist that has the autonomy to move quickly for our customers.

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Bespoke Data Suites – Customise every aspect to meet your precise needs Looking for a data centre that offers the flexibility to specify every aspect according to your precise business needs?

Optimum's unique approach enables our clients to confidently specify every aspect of their data centre. We won't be shy in offering our advice but we also know how important it is to listen during the planning process.

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Caged Areas – ideal for companies with small data centre needs

Looking for a dedicated data centre solution without the need to compromise on a high quality environment?

At Optimum, we’re here to support your business – whatever your requirements.

Our Caged Areas are designed for companies with smaller data centre and/or customer requiring additional levels of security, but who still want the advantages of large-scale resilience without the need to compromise on quality, flexibility or cost-effectiveness.

Our Caged Data Suites provide the ideal solution for companies with smaller data centre requirements who still want a dedicated area located in a high quality environment.

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Scalable Data Suites – flexible data centre solutions that can grow with your business
Looking for a dynamic solution that can be delivered quickly and accommodate future growth?

Our clients are our partners, so we make it as painless as possible for them to scale solutions, to meet their future business requirements. Scalable Data Suites offer a modular and adaptable solution with no compromise on performance. It’s the perfect fit for businesses that need a flexible and efficient data suite that can be deployed quickly and be added to as business growth dictates.

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At Optimum, we recognised that our technology partners are a critical element of our service and solutions range, delivering both value and confidence to our customers.

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All Optimum sites are chosen for their proximity to major telecommunication and data network and feature a growing number of peering points.

Our data centre is purpose-designed to provide optimum connectivity with divers duct routes and roof space available for satellite and antenna installation. Structured cable management systems are designed on day one for internal communications cablings from all MMR's (Meet Me Rooms) to data halls and offices.

We also ensure that carrier cross connects facilitate client access to bandwidth and cable routing throughout.

We operate a carrier neutral policy, which means that our clients have the freedom to choose the telecommunication provider that best meets their business needs.

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